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The Practical Test


Your Instructor will assess your progress and recommend booking your Practical test to

coincide with you being a safe driver and reaching the required standard to have a good

chance of successfully completing the test requirements.


The Practical driving test lasts for approximately 40 minutes and your instructor will normally pick

you up 1 hour before the test time and let you practice the set routines and drive to the test centre.

They will then accompany you to the waiting room when at the appointed time the examiner will

ask you to show them your documents (both parts of your licence and your Theory pass certificate.


We also recommend you take your appointment letter, then sign a test report form declaration

to say the vehicle is insured.


We can assure you all our vehicles are insured as well as thoroughly maintained.

Terms & Conditions



"How long is a driving lesson?"


Each lesson slot is a minimum of 55 minutes, although they frequently run over!




"What Areas do you cover?"


I am based in Goole and cover the surrounding areas.




"What do I need to do before I can take Driving Lessons?"


You must have a Provisional licence. You can apply for a provisional driving licence quickly and easily online or by completing the D1 application form available from the Post Office. The minimum age which you can legally drive a car on the public roads is 17.




"How frequently should I take lessons?"


This is entirely up to you. However I would recommend at least 2 hours per week.




"What kind of car will I be learning in?"


You will get to drive a cool new VW Golf which is tons and tons of fun to drive plus its fully loaded with optional extras!!!!!




"What is the cheapest way of booking my lessons?"


You can reduce the cost by taking advantage of my block booking discounts. This will make the hourly price you pay cheaper the more lessons you book. You can find out about this by going to the prices page.




"How many lessons will I need before I can take my practical test?"


Everyone is different and learn at different rates. There is no set number of driving lessons you must have before sitting your practical test.




"Can anyone teach me how to drive?"


The Driving Standards Agency strongly recommends that you take lessons from an Approved Driving Instructor such as myself. Learning with someone who is not qualified will lead to you picking up their bad habits.




"Do you provide Refresher Courses for Qualified Drivers?"


Of course, it’s up to you. Most new drivers benefit from this and it builds their confidence.




"Can I begin my driving tuition before I have passed the theory test?"


Yes. It’s a good idea to take practical lessons whilst studying for your theory as both works hand in hand and this will help you to remember and understand the questions which may arise in the theory test.




"Do you teach Pass Plus?"


Yes, Pass Plus is designed to improve your driving skills such as driving at night, driving in bad weather, and driving on motorways. There is no pass or fail with this course however you will benefit greatly from lower insurance premiums (up to 35% off)  when you complete the Pass Plus course.




"How many lessons does it take to pass ?"


There is no set number of driving lessons you must have before sitting your practical test. However, those who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 45 hours of professional training, combined with 22 hours of private practice. Candidates who combine professional instruction with private practice are also more successful on the test.